Engage & Acquire

SMS & MMS Messaging


Send traditional SMS text messages and engaging MMS picture or video messages from your dedicated phone number.

USA & Canada

Gators may not be native to Canada, but GatorText is! Border cities can choose the same number for the USA and Canada.

Toll Free & Local Area Code

Β Carriers no longer support shared short codes. Choose the best toll free number or select a number with your area code.

Advantages of Long Codes vs. Shared Short Codes

With the carriers no longer supporting shared short codes, toll free and area code 10-digit long codes are here.

Your Own Dedicated Number

Unlike with shared short codes, your phone number is yours and only yours. Choose a national toll free number or a number that matches your area code.

Own All the Keywords

Your favorite keywords are all yours. You own all the keywords since you have your own dedicated number.

One to One Messaging

A toll free number seems more personal and natural for one to one communication with a customer or prospect.Β 

Coupons and Sweepstakes

Toll free numbers are ideal for coupons and sweepstakes and GatorText has special service offerings designed to make your contests and mobile coupons a huge success.

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